A New Day

Depression is a funny thing when you have bipolar. One day you can barely get out of bed and then suddenly, one day you are feeling better…

That has been my experience the last few weeks. I could barely pry myself out of bed every morning and at last it feels as though the veil has been lifted from my eyes. Things seem uplifting and I am feeling a more positive outlook.

The question lies– is there something I did? Did I fix this? Or did I just hang in there and pass through another phase of depression?

I would like to think it was something I did. All of the hoping, wishing, praying… But it is just the way our brains work. Suddenly I don’t hate everyone and being around people is tolerable. I even look forward to seeing some people every day. I don’t feel like I need to think about death or fear what is in my future. The burdens of life become light and I become the warrior I know I am that can defeat this all!

My hope for all of you is that when you go through your bad days, it is just a bad day. Not a bad week, or a bad month. Not a depression you can’t pull out of. It’s hard to hold on, but it’s always worth it.



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